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The Final Countdown……

A Tomatillo Leaf.

A Tomatillo Leaf.

In one week, I’ll be busy digging holes, and shuffling plants. I am a bit nervous though, the other day I was picking grass for my Egg Laying chickens, and I hurt my back. It’s not too bad, though the pain can be quite intense, and I’m more upset that I hurt it while picking grass then anything. I’m concerned that It might not be better in time for planting.  I have a few offers to help, and I’m sure they will come throught,  but I really don’t think my helpers are going to be very happy if they turn out to be the main planters. I’ll work throught the pain if I must, as I’ve planted three more rows of lettuce while barking throught the pain.

First True leaf on this Cucumber

First True leaf on this Cucumber

There is a “super macro” setting on my camera that is used for very close photos. Using this feature, detail that is normally hidden jumps out. Notice the drops of water clinging to the edges of the starter leaves. Next year, I think I’ll give them four or five weeks in the greenhouse rather then three. 



The Cantaloupe is growing a bit faster then the cucumbers, above, you can see the second true leaves forming. 

 I also took the time to measure some of my taller tomato plants. They all seem to be stalled in growth at about 16 Inches tall…. Some of them are even beginning to set flowers !   Before having the greenhouse, my tallest plants were about a foot tall, and they were spindly.

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