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Birdhouse Gourds

August 23, 2008 Leave a comment
Birdhouse Gourd

Birdhouse Gourd

Gourds can be a fun addition to any garden. I’ve discovered they look pretty cool if you stain them:

1.) Wait till the gourd is fully grown, pick it, and hang it up to dry for a few weeks.

2.) When the gourd has fully dried out, lightly sand the outside with a smooth piece of sand paper.

3.) Paint on your favorite stain (I like cherry), and allow it to dry.

4.) You can optionally add a  clear coat layer when the stain is dry.

When it is dry, the gourd will look like a really old antique globe.

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Davie’s Barn

August 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Davie sitting on top of the world....

Barn Building !

I gained some great first hand construction experience buy helping contruct this beauty of a barn. Davie built the barn for Sandy, my sister.

Easy to grow…. Herbs

August 8, 2008 Leave a comment
Easy to Grow.... Herbs

Easy to Grow.... Herbs

In my first year growing plants from seeds, I figured I would try my hand at growing some herbs. I found an old tractor tire, and placed it on its side next to my walkway. I filled the base of the tire with gravel to aid drainage, then mixed up about half and half Miracle Grow and soil from the garden. I then divided the tire into four sections using two pieces of thin wood. I planted Basil, Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary seeds. They all grew great, except for the Rosemary.

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Edible Flowers ?

August 6, 2008 Leave a comment
Edible Flowers ?

Edible Flowers ?

If your out to add some color to a salad, try adding some Nasturtium Flowers, which are edible. The plants can produce an array of different colored flowers, even though only orange is shown here. I’ve planted these next to my walkway, in old tire.

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