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Propogating Concord Grapes

March 31, 2008 1 comment
Concord Grapes

Propogating Concord Grapes

 Propogating ( Cloning ) Grapes is easy. In Febuary, when I prune my grape vines, I will select some canes for cloning. The idea is to get three “nodes”, which are the part of the vine that sticks out like a bud on a tree. In the photo above, the “nodes” have green growth coming out of them. 

Start by cutting just below a node, then count three nodes up, and at the top, place a cut on a 45 degree angle an inch above the top node. This will help later when your wondering which part of the vine is the top.

Next, place the canes in a peat moss / perilite mix (I’ve used miracle grow), with the angled cut up, then water.

In a week or two, you should start to see some growth out of the nodes.   When the last chance of frost has passed, you can plant them outside.