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Making a Dent in the Greenhouse

About 100 Tomatoes in Garden

About 100 Tomatoes in Garden

I’d like to thank Aggie, Kim, Sandy, Davie, Maurice and Lil-Rob for there help today. Today is my late day at work, so we all planned to get up early and get some of our planting done ahead of schedule.  To my sheer amazement, we managed to plant over 120 tomatoes in just over an hour, nearly two plants a minute !  I’ve also decided to take full advantage of the full moon to plant in the evening as much as possible. Working at night is far easier then plugging away in the hot sun.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before taking a week off. I just can’t wait to be FREE, if only for a week.

10 Day Weather Forecast

10 Day Weather Forecast

I’ve posted the 10-day weather forecast so that I can look back at it in future seasons.  If your new to gardening, the low tempurature is very important. I would not recommend planting Tomatoes, Peppers, or Cucumbers till there is at least ten days of low temps that are above 45 F. In my neck of the woods, Memorial Day is about the right time to plant, so long as the forecast agrees. There is still a small chance of a freak frost, but I have lots more tomatoes in the Greenhouse if that happens.

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