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Waiting for the Green

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

The greenhouse is full, and not just to it’s intended maximum capacity; There are plants on the floor, and plants on new shelves. I’ve so crowded this clear shed with seedlings that I intend to redesign it’s shelving system to hold at least twice as many plants by next year.

The thousand or so seedlings which have emerged from the soil are starting to relieve the stress of knowning whether they will germinate or not. Each year as this miracle is underway, I find myself stressed just a bit while the trays sit empty and the seeds work their magic under the soil. Once they poke through the top, I can monitor them, and properly care for them, and that stress turns to accomplishment. Very few seedlings that emerge from the soil [ Continue Reading at http://itfarmersblog.com/?p=2597 ]

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