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Yukon Gold Potatoes

Row of Cut Spuds

Row of Cut Spuds

The Yukon Gold potatoes have been turning brown, which was my cue to dig up a few plants and see what would be found. Once I got digging, I became more and more focused on pulling up as many as possible, to see just how many had grown.

Uncut Seed Potatoes

Uncut Seed Potatoes

I separated the potatoes into two areas, one with uncut seed spuds, and the other with potatoes cut into approximately one inch slices. I wanted to determine how much of an impact slicing the spuds would have on the yields they would deliver. While this was not a scientific method, as I didn’t count the number of spuds planted in each row, I did find out that the results were comparable.

One Plant, Many Spuds

One Plant, Many Spuds

I’ve found that if I invest one seed potato into the ground, I’ll get about 3 to 5 large potatoes or up to 10 smaller potatoes in return. If I had to guess a percentage of return, I’d say it’s over a 3X return on the original investment – Just try and pick stocks with those kind of results !

Half a Laundry Basket

Half a Laundry Basket

When the rain threatened to wash off my potatoes, I decided to move them inside. Potatoes that are washed after being dug up will rot, whereas unwashed spuds will last well into the next spring. When I saw the rain clouds threatening, I piled all of the drying spuds into this laundry basket and lugged them into the house. I was quite happy to being trudging along with so many pounds of weight, and I still have three whole rows of potatoes to dig up (7 rows planted).

If last year was an indication, these spuds should last well beyond February. Now, I need to find a way to store the apples that are beginning to ripen.

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