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Just Peachy

First Peach

First Peach

I’ve had peach trees in my front yard for at least five years now, and I’ve never noticed peaches growing on any of them. While wondering around this weekend, I noticed one of the peach trees that George ran over last winter had two small peaches on it. These trees always looked as if they were barely hanging on to life in past years, and I’ve sprayed them with Deconil fungicide the last two years. The fungicide seemed to cure a problem whereby the leaves would be deformed, and the plants looked very unhealthy. This year, the leaves look natural, and the plant is just peachy.

Vertical Ant Colony

Vertical Ant Colony

While I was snapping the peach photo above, I could feel something crawling around on my shirtless back. I then discovered lots of little ants running around. After brushing them off, I noticed where they came from, and was surprised by this new to me ant colony method. It seems these ants have decided to turn a 3 foot tall weed into a colony, with what appear to be tiny eggs tucked up on the underside of the leaves. I’ve never known ants to build their colonies in this way, so I thought I would share.

Zucchini White Spots

Zucchini White Spots

I was picking a shopping bags full of produce when I discovered this zucchini with white blisters on the fruit portion. I’ve looked around on the internet quite a bit and have not discovered what this affliction is. Needless to say, I will not be eating this zucchini, but I’ve very curious to know what might have caused this ?

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  1. August 8, 2011 at 10:37 am

    I am not sure if it will happen this year or not but I thought I would share some information about growing peaches. I keep some of my beehives on a peach orchard in the West Middlesex area. Each year the owner has a group of helpers pick 30-60% of the peaches off of the trees when they are small, about 1-2″. Just like with most plants the trees will likely produce a smaller number of ripe fruit if this is done but the harvest will have a much higher percentage of fully developed fruit. Hope the tree does well for you.

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