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Stubborn Progress

Shed Progress

Shed Progress

I made a great deal of progress on my shed over the weekend. I’ve finally completed a fix on the edge of the roof where the overhang was too short, and I got the front portion of the sheeting cut and placed. I’ve called it stubborn progress as it took quite a bit of will power to keep working after the sun had zapped a great deal of energy out of me. I worked slowly, kept a bottle of cool water nearby, and constantly rewarded myself by looking at the progress from a distance.

In order to secure the sheeting near the peak, I had to place the ladder shown against the scaffolding and climb to the top. I tied the ladder to the interior roof joists for added insurance. Maybe it was a bit paranoid to tie it up, but I’ve broken a few bones in the past, and even though the heights don’t bother me, the idea of spending another summer in a cast does.

So now I’m looking at my ever shortening to do list, and it’s starting to feel like I might just be able to pull this off:

1.) Finish the back portion of the sheeting, and roof eaves.

2.) Place drip edge around the perimeter of the roof, and lay down a layer of tar paper.

3.) Place the rubber roofing on the flat portion.

4.) Install the roof shingles.

5.) Cover the base of the roof overhang with OSB.

6.) Add some brown trim

7.) Run a more permanent electrical connection via a buried line in steel tubing.

8.) Add interior insulation to keep me warm while I’m building furniture in the winter.

For now, I’m looking forward to a day free of soreness. I’m not used to climbing up and down a ladder all day long. Oh well, the permanent result is definitely worth the temporary sacrifice.


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