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Photos by Jessica

Finishing the OSB Portion of the Roof

Finishing the OSB Portion of the Roof

My father often pushed me to learn as much about everything as possible, and he also stressed the importance of having a particular skill set that was specialized.  In my teenage years, dad taught me many different skills from basic use of construction tools, up to and including hanging dry wall and spreading the “mud” which covers it’s seems. I discovered the fine points of attaching electrical wires to plugs and switches, and connecting PVC pipes together to form water inflow systems. All of this knowledge has helped me greatly through the years, and I’ve got a mind to pass on many of the things I know.

I gave Jessica a basic introduction to my camera, and asked her to take some pictures of whatever she thought was cool, or neat. I also asked her to take some pictures of how the whole structure was put together. Jessica seemed to think the whole idea was pretty fun, and I could tell by the smile on her face, but what she doesn’t know is that I’m conspiring to teach her the basics of photography.

Landing and Front Peak

Landing and Front Peak

On the top of the shed, I’ve left a 4 x 4 foot landing where I hope to place a small dome for a telescope. For now, I’m leaving that part of the roof flat, and I’m planning to cover it with rubber roofing.

Front of Shed

Front of Shed

So here is the front of the shed with the majority of the roof intact. Now that the sun doesn’t directly fall on the second story, the wind blows through and produces a very nice breeze on hot days. I hope to place large opening doors on the bottom and second story, so I should be able to keep this natural air conditioning intact once the building is complete.



So here’s today’s helper, Jessica. I had asked her to hold the carpenters pencil that I use to mark cuts, and just like a pro it found it’s way behind her ear.

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