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Vacuum Sealed Veggies

Vacuum Packed Peppers

Vacuum Packed Peppers

I always grow way too much food for the family to eat it fresh, so we often freeze a good deal of it for winter use. I’ve always used zip lock bags, which work really well for storing produce for a year or so, but I’ve seen the future, and it’s sealed veggies in a vacuum pouch.

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

Since I usually bring all of the surplus veggies to my mothers home for her to can or freeze, she decided to buy this very cool vacuum sealer. The device is super simple to use. It comes with pre-made pouches, so simply fill up the bag with chopped up items from the garden, and place the unsealed end of the bag into this device. It will first suck out all of the air, then seal the bag, which will be ready to freeze as soon as the lights go out on the sealer. The whole vacuum sealing process takes only a few moments. I was so impressed with the device that I thought I would display the brand name, something I only do when I’m really happy with a product.

Just to note, the maker of this machine had nothing to do with this blog post, and I receive absolutely no compensation for this post.

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