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Zucchini Surprise

Small Zucchini Plants

Small Zucchini Plants

Most of my zucchini plants are quite a bit behind schedule, and it shows. These plants have been the victim of ground hogs, which is a new arch-nemesis for me as well. In the past there was only one ground hog, and he didn’t spend much time in the garden. This year I’ve spotted little ground hogs, and so my garden has a whole family of munching beasts to deal with. I’m going to fight back with every item in my arsenal, but this time I used Miracle Grow. I’m hoping a “shot in the arm” or heavy dose of nutrients will push these plants to out grow the hogs appetite. I’m also aiming the sprinkler at my plants which seem to need the most care: my cucumbers and zucchini.

Early Harvest

Early Harvest

With all this chaos in the zucchini patch, I wasn’t expecting to take this picture. I recruited Davie and my niece to help me pick the peas in this photo, and while we were in the area, I decided to check on the plants which invaded my strawberry patch. That’s when I discovered this treasure trove of green squash.  In the top right corner, I found my first conjoined squash, which looks really neat. In the bottom left are a few young radishes we picked to give our salad some flavor.

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