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It’s Good to be a Gardener

First Salad

First Salad

I’ve tried in the past to grow a good selection of lettuce, and always regretted neglecting the plants. I’d usually end up spending my time tending tomato plants, weeding the cucumber patch, or pretending I was a fish in the local river.

My timing was never quite right most years, but alas, I think I’ve got the hang of it, and the salad above was all picked from my back yard buffet. It’s a diverse selection of greens, reds and even yellows consisting of lettuce, mesclun and chard. I cooked up some garlic bread sticks to go with my salad as an extra reward for all the work I’ve invested.



I’ve also managed to protect my peas enough to get a few for some stir fry in the near future. In the center of the photo is a small, and still thin pea. In past years the deer and ground hogs would have nibbled away the plants to nothing, but this year I’ve gotten serious with some heavy duty wire. I bent the wire in half, and placed it over the plants. They have since grown through the cage, and will require additional support, but at least this work won’t be in vain. I just hope I can harvest the crop before my sister then loves peas beats me too it = )


  1. July 1, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    Gorgeous peas. Such a happy garden.

    look very healthy.

    Love the sky in the background!

    Don’t forget to dehydrate leftovers for your emergency food supply, seal em’ up in Mylar bags 😉 sell em’ and make a little profit too.

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