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Healthy Tomatoes

Healthy Tomato

Healthy Tomato

I’ve done battle with Late Blight for several years now, but I refuse to give in to this plague. When my tomato patch turned to mush last year as my plants all withered away, I took the opportunity to learn how to battle blight, and Win. I plan to launch a preemptive first strike on this pest before it has the chance to rear it’s ugly head and wither even one leaf on my much smaller and more manageable plot. I’d recommend to all who have more then a few plants to purchase some Epson salts soon, and prepare to battle the blight with a Epson salt mixed with water sprayed on the leaves. I’ve had luck mixing Epson salt water with a small amount of store bought anti-blight chemicals.  Either way, you take your own risks while applying this remedy.  Make sure to use Epson Salt, rather then table salt.



The Brandy-wine tomatoes are beginning to set flowers even at the short height of one and a half feet tall. A sure sign of a brandy-wine plant are the leaves which are wide and singular, unlike other tomatoes which have multiple thin leaves.

Red Alert - Early Cherry

Red Alert - Early Cherry

Here’s a favorite for the cherry tomato lovers, and a great early tomato for salads. This photo was taken at least three days ago. These amazing plants will bear more color then the average Christmas tree weeks before other varieties of tomatoes are ripe. I’ve been growing them for a few years now, and I’ve never been disappointed.

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