Roof Framing

Shed with Scaffolding

Shed with Scaffolding

I’m still working on my shed, with the light at the end of the tunnel now in sight. I have the roof frame complete, and I’ll soon begin laying down sheets of plywood for the roof itself. I’ve borrowed some scaffolding to make the work much easier, and I’ve found it can be quite complicated to get the second level scaffolding in place without help.

Roof Frame With Landing

Roof Frame With Landing

I’ve left a small landing on the roof that I’ll make flat, and cover with rubber roofing. There will be a small trap door which will open up from the story below, and this should give me a nice perch for browsing the night sky with a telescope. Eventually, I’d like to place a very small room with a dome on this landing, but I really need to keep in mind that this whole project started as a chicken coop, and that’s my primary objective. I’ll leave the landing as compatible to the extra plans as possible without adding additional construction until the rest of the building is complete. I’ve also constructed the landing in such a way as to allow it to be seamlessly covered over in case it’s later deemed necessary.

Roof Frame as Seen from the Landing

Roof Frame as Seen from the Landing

So here is the view from the top of the roof looking down through the second story. It wasn’t quite so dark outside, but the camera flash seems to increase the photo’s contrast so much that only the foreground object find their way to the photo.

I guess I should really begin researching basic telescope construction techniques with camera mounts so I can share some of the photos I hope to take.

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