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My “Truck”

My "Truck"

My "Truck"

I used to have a Chevy Cheyenne Truck, but it was very old and worn out. These days, I use my Chevy Cobalt to do all of my transporting. I’ve used this little car to haul landscape timbers, mulch, 2 x 4’s and even a 12 foot section of metal that I used for the ridge piece of my greenhouse.

2 X 4's

2 X 4's

I just recently figured out how to place more then 10 – 2 x 4s in the car: Fold the passenger side seat down, then lower the back seat. The boards then slide up to about my stereo, and with the passenger seat reclined I can stack up to 18 planks inside.

When I roll a pile of boards up to my car in the home improvement stores parking lot, people tend to give me an odd look, almost as if they think I’m going to place the boards vertically out of the sun roof….

The same method can be used to place 2 x 8s and landscape timbers. I have yet to try hauling anything longer then 8 feet on main roads, as they would stick out of the trunk and further complicate everything.

  1. June 15, 2011 at 9:57 am

    We have a SAAB Viggen that is equally awesome. As one guy we were buying furniture from put it, “that’s an awful lot of truck for a small car!” Is your car also a hatchback? That seems to be the key to maximizing the space.

    Also, have you ever seen pics of the “female designed car”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_YCC The whole thing was designed to be easy to care for, fit a TON of stuff, and not require many hands (because when you’re shopping, or handling babies, you don’t have many hands). I find it hysterical. (There’s also a hole in the head rests to fit a ponytail, because in order to be comfortable in a car, you have to have your hair down. Super pain in the ass, but super silly too.)

  2. June 15, 2011 at 10:08 am

    It’s not quite a hatchback, but the trunk is enormous. I had eight large bags of mulch in there over my vacation, and still hand enough room for some “just-in-case” tools.

    The female designed car is very ingenious ! I especially like the key less entry with the closest door opening automatically. I’m not a big fan of the lack of a hood ! what if the oil is a little low ?

    Thanks for sharing, more cars should be designed for use, rather then a sales perspective.

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