The Good Life

Storm Over The Barn

Storm Over The Barn

I’ve meant to post more content during my time off (I’m on vacation), but I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t found the time till just now. The last few days have certainly been interesting, with pop up storms, and very loud lightning on two occasions. The storm this morning was potent enough to knock out power at work, and cause some pretty interesting server problems. Those are fixed now, and I can go back to the farm and enjoy the good life.

Storm Detail

Storm Detail

When the storm shown above came through over the weekend we had little warning other then some ominous black clouds off in the horizon. Within a few moments, the clouds began to contort and shape into formations that were not taught to me in school, nor had I ever seen them before. After a good 15 minute pounding of rain, the clouds parted just as quickly and the sunlight blanketed the farm once again.

Planting Potatoes

Planting Potatoes

I’ve been working very diligently in the garden, and I’m approximately 3/4 done planting. I’ve moved all of my peppers out of the greenhouse, planted dozens of Tomatoes, three rows of Yukon Gold Potatoes, and all sorts of seeds have been sown. I’m trying a few experiments as usual, such as direct seeding four rows of peppers, and separating the potatoes that I’ve cut into two pieces from the spuds I’ve planted whole.

Shed Progress

Shed Progress

Outside of the garden I’ve been working on my chicken coop/wood shop and I’m hoping to add yet another title to this structure: Tiny observatory. I really enjoy checking out the sky on clear nights, and I’m contemplating adding a flat landing in the center of the roof to give me just enough room to set a telescope and a chair. I still need to add the peak and cover the roof, then build a small set of steps to lead up the the landing above.

Well… I’ve got some more spuds to plant, and with the sun well behind the hill, and a cold beverage soon to be in my hand, I think I’ll get some work done while things are cool !

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