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From the Ground Up

Floor Complete

Floor Complete

What a flash. The weekend started like any other with plans for hard work, and real progress. The base of what I’m now referring to as my multipurpose building was completed just in time to start constructing the walls. In the background Davie sharpens the chain saw, while I was measuring out the length of the studs. Davie is a carpenter by trade, and I was a bit surprised by the amount of questions he had for me. This interrogation of sorts forced me to “nail down” my plans for where the windows and doors would be placed, something I didn’t quite have figured out.

Two Walls Up

Two Walls Up

Once the studs are cut to lenght, the whole wall can be nailed together fairly quickly. The first wall requires supports to hold it in place while the second wall is framed and raised. The supports are the angled boards which run from the floor to the wall, and they should be attached once the wall is level.

The side walls will each have two windows, and the short walls will each have a door. This will allow the buildings maximum potential, whether it’s a chicken coop, hay storage, or workshop.  Each door will be about 4 feet wide, wide enough to bring in a wheel barrel, move out custom built furniture, or even bring in an engine to repair. I’m trying to build a building for a purpose I have yet to conceive, yet still fulfill the immediate need of a chicken coop.

First Story Frame Complete

First Story Frame Complete

When the walls were complete, I cut and placed the second story sub floor, comprised of 2 x 6 boards. I cut them 14 foot long to provide a foot overhang. This will protect the walls of the building from rain. You would be amazed how fast a wall would degrade when it lacks that important roof cover.

Looking Down

Looking Down

Here is a view from the second story looking down. Next up: Covering the floor, and building a “knee wall” as part of the roof framing. I hope to finish up the framing by this weekend. If I can get the whole building covered this weekend, and the roof completed the weekend after it, I may just be able to meet my ambitious goal of finishing up by the end of the month.

Elderberry Growth

Elderberry Growth

An elderberry bush half way between my home and the construction site reminded me that summer is quickly approaching.  After snapping this photo, I took a few minutes to plant a row of cabbage seed. I figure the little seedlings will start on their own when the time is right.

Just a reminder to all, I am not a carpenter, and my building advice should take a back seat to that of common building practices. I recommend all readers hire a contractor and have them do the work.

  1. Leigh Black
    April 26, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Ah! Johnny No. 5! I love that movie. Very clever name for your heater. Have you seen Wall-E? Very similar robot. What a nice coop. Right now, we have 35 meat chickens in ours. It smells, to say the least! Keep up the good work! When the world ends, we’re moving in with you!

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