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Frosted Veggies

Frosted Broccoli

Frosted Broccoli

I’ve been watching patiently as my cool weather crops progress. After ignoring these plants for my first few years gardening, I’m quite surprized by there growth. I’ve been in the routine that once the frost comes, game over. No extra innings, no second chances. When a plant had frost on it, it was dead. This is the way of past gardens, and it is the way no more. I’m expanding my reach into the cool weather crops, and even if they don’t have the juicy flavor of a brandywine tomato, they are still good for me, and worth my time to grow them.

Frosted Cabbage

Frosted Cabbage

I should get my veggies straight however. In an earlier post, I labled my cabbage as broccoli, and vice versa. These two crops were planted at night, with a flashlight guiding the seeding process. I had two packets of seeds, and some how mixed up which I had planted in each row. Now that the cabbage is starting to form a rounded head, I can see my error clear as day.

Frosted Swiss Chard

Frosted Swiss Chard

The Swiss Chard is still growing well, at least the small center leaves anyway. I’m hoping it will survive until at least next tuesday. If it lasts that long, I plan to pick some, and hopefully make some sauteed swiss chard as my contribution to Thanksgiving. I’m not much of a cook, and I’m sure we will all be eating some Yukon Gold potoatoes from the garden, but I really want to cook an actual dish this year, rather then just he raw ingredients. Maybe I’ll cook some winter squash as well, since there is still a large pile on Mom’s side porch.

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