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Sauteed Swiss Shard

Cooking Shard

Cooking Shard

After chasing the chickens out of the greenhouse, I noticed a row of green in the garden. The Swiss Shard was still growing, and had not been killed by the frost. I did a search, and found that shard will grow until the temperate dips into the medium twenties. I also found a recipe for sauteed chard with onions, and garlic. I didn’t think it would taste very good, but after reading about the vitamin content, I had to try it.

Swiss Chard With Cheese

Swiss Chard With Cheese

When it was done cooking, I added some Romano cheese, and tried it. Yum ! Not only was this delicious, it improved my mood as well.

Here’s the simple recipe:

Place a few tea spoons of olive oil in a frying pan.
Cut the shard leaves into inch by inch sections, add to the frying pan with onions and garlic (garlic salt will work as well).
Cook on medium heat till the leaves wilt as shown in the photo.
Add shredded cheese after serving while the greens are still warm.

Enjoy !

  1. October 29, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    The deer wiped out the majority of my later to be harvested SC this year. We’re big fans and it’s easy to grow and so tasty. I don’t know if you preserve a lot of your food, but SC is easy to save and eaten in winter it’s like eating a slice of summer, after all those tasteless veggies most people eat in feb & march. thanks for the recipe, i adore SC as a side dish and this one is elegant. i’m simpler with mine most of the time: steamed, mixed with melted butter and soy, and a hint of lemon juice, maybe some minced garlic or ginger if i’m feeling fancy.

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