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This Old Barn: Part 1

Basement Door Missing

Basement Door Missing

It Stay-cation time again, and this time I thought it would be a wise use of my time off to work on the stalls in Mom’s barn. I started with this doorway, re-hanging the door that used to be attached here. It was a small step to get me back into the swing of construction.

Starting The Back Wall

Starting The Back Wall

My sister got a great deal on a pony a few days ago, so her and Rob finished the second stall, leaving just one left to be finished. I started with some Rough Cut 2 X 6’s from a tree we had milled last year.  Since the wall was so wide, I added a vertical support in the center.  I worked on this wall for the good part of a day, finishing up around 6 PM in time for some stuffed peppers.

Stall Door Finished and Hung

Stall Door Finished and Hung

This morning after getting some rest, I hung the stall door, finishing up the stall. In the background you can see the finished back wall.  I still have another door to build and hang, then clean up all the saw dust.

Hallway, and Pony's Stall

Hallway, and Pony's Stall

So here’s the result of effort from the entire family. You can read about when we worked on the floor here.

I always like to work on projects like this one due to the outcome. It’s not always enjoyable to work on your vacation, but when the work is done, the payoff makes it all worth it. I can’t wait till the kids come home from school so I can see the look on their faces !

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