Fall Plantings

Broccoli Seedling

Broccoli Seedling

On August 19th, I worked the soil, and planted some Cabbage and Broccoli. The timing is something I’m a bit unsure of, and I wanted to make note of it for next years planting. It’s also been very dry lately, so I water these tiny plants every day or so after I finish up my other chores.



I got a little creative when I took the picture above. I wanted to capture the leaves from a different angle, as the two different types of seedlings have very similar starter leaves.  Now that I got a good look at the picture, I can’t help but notice just how much this micro environment looks like a desert. After seeing the lack of moisture in the soil, I’m contemplating adding a layer of hay or stray to keep the water from evaporating away.

Fall Planted Cucumbers

Fall Planted Cucumbers

Finally, I thought it appropriate to show how my cucumbers planted at the beginning of August are doing. These plants are not cold tolerant, so I’m hoping to get some really late cucumbers, just before the first frost. The plants are looking pretty rough, but I remain hopeful, as the ones that are growing, are growing fast. Perhaps it’s time for some more manure…..

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