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Root Crops

Purple Globe Top Turnip

Purple Globe Top Turnip

Turnips are very easy to grow, and I’ve always had great success with them, sometimes even more success then I planned. I imagine the word turnip was derived from or caused the use of the expression “whatever turns up”; because they grow all over the place, turning up all over the garden as volunteers.  I’m not a big fan of this vegetable cooked, but raw it is quite good. I like to shred this veggy with carrots, and radishes and mix it up in a salad.



The kohlrabi is a bit small for this time of year, and I’ve been watering it every few days with the fall planted cucumbers. Kohlrabi has exceptional health benefits, and it’s taste is pretty good. I’ve also found out that it is sometimes referred to as “Space Cabbage”, seems fitting to me.



I’ve also dug up some of the carrots to see how they are progressing. I’ve tried simply pulling a few out of the ground by their leaves, but they always seemed to snap off at the base of the stem, so I used a pitch fork to prod the dirt. When snapping the photo, I found a water bottle sitting on the produce stand, and added it to show size.

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