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Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed Yellow Tomatoes

Stuffed Yellow Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes are new to me, and I’ve never tried them before this growing season. The whole idea sprang from a variety of tomatoes that I’ve grown this year: Yellow Stuffers. After reading about this oddity, I did a google search and found that there are multiple recipes for preparing them, with any type of tomato.  The basic idea is much like stuffed peppers, with the addition of cheese on the top. The goodies above where cooked in a toaster oven, but here is an oven based recipe.

Yellow Stuffer Tomato

Yellow Stuffer Tomato

Shown above is a close up of a Yellow Stuffer tomato sliced in half. You can clearly see the hollow cavities, as well as the seed clusters which resemble that of a pepper.  Next year I plan to grow nearly all blight resistant tomatoes, but this will be one of the few exceptions, as I love this new dinning option.

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