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Okra and Upgrades

Okra Tasting

Okra Tasting

The time is finally here, the Okra is fully grown and ready to taste. This vegetable can be eaten raw, or cooked into a “slime” that is used for various culinary purposes. I opted for the raw taste. I sliced it up, and took a bit. I think my sister Sandy said it best when she described the taste as “a cross between a cucumber, pepper and zucchini”. I think the best way to describe what this veggy did to my taste bads can be summed up with one word: Yuck !  I did not like it at all, but if you never try anything new, you’ll never learn.

Seedling Room Upgrades

Seedling Room Upgrades

This weekend, I’ve also finished up some upgrades to my seedling room. I use this room heavily for a month or so to start my seedlings indoors, before moving them out to the greenhouse. The center header of the trim still needs a coat of paint, but I have more work to do with it. There is a vine carved into the wood, and I plan to stain it, and paint the rest of the piece white. 

After many other projects, I grew tired of cutting trim into square boxy frames, and got a little creative with this frame. I had planned to place candles into the holders until I imagined the final result, curtains included. Instead, I found some plants that I’ve recently rooted in small pots, which fit perfectly. The plants should grow long vines, which will hang down from the pots. This is going to look amazing by next year, as the vines will be about 10 inches long by then.

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