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Cabbage and Broccoli

Cucumber Patch

Cucumber Patch

This years cucumbers ran out of steam a few weeks ago, and I’ve stopped weeding them. Above you can see just how quickly pigweed can overtake the garden. The brown mass in the center is a pile of weeds harvested from the other side of the pole beans, where we’ve planted fall cucumbers. I’ve found if you pile the weeds up and let them rot, they will turn into black bio mass.

After Weeding and Working the Soil

After Weeding and Working the Soil

Here’s the same spot an hour or two later. Notice the pile of weeds in the left hand side towards the top ? They all came from that small patch of the garden. Once they were removed, I worked the soil to break it up, and loosen it a bit. When I was ready for the seeds, the sun was long gone, and helpers were needed. Jen and Adonica held flashlights as I dug a small trench and placed the seeds. I had a packet of cabbage seed, and one of broccoli, each containing twice as many seeds as needed. Since this is a fall planting, I will need to sheild the dirt from the direct sun to encourage germination. I’m thinking a tarp will do the trick, but first I will sidedress them with some rabbit and goat manure, as I’ve learned from the Winter Squashes.

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