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Better Late then Never



I planted sunflowers in both my garden and the late garden, but my plants are no where to be found. Since I used the same package of seeds that I saved from last year, I can rule out lack of germination as the cause. This leaves few possibilities, one of which could be the seeds being eaten, or another, the small plants became rodent salad. There are a great deal more animals that pilfer my garden then the late one, and I tend to think it’s the horse pasture which borders the late garden which protects it. The pasture is ringed with electric fence, which pulses every few seconds. Deer rarely trespass into the pasture, and the horses chase many other animals out as well. So, I’m quite happy Becky and I planted the sunflowers shown. Soon they will set large flowers containing dozens of seeds.



I find it odd how pumpkins grow. The edible portion starts out as a green ball, as shown, and when they are ripe, then turn the distinctive orange we all associate with Halloween. The bottom portion is where a flower once grew, you may notice it withered into mush at this point. I planted a few white pumpkins at the very end of my garden, but they did not receive the vast amount of nutrients needed for pumpkin production, I’ll try them again next year.

To sum it all up, if we didn’t plant the late garden, their would be no sunflower seeds this fall, and we would have to purchase pumpkins for Halloween.

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