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Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Bulbs

You might be surprised how I write this blog. I start out with pictures, anything I find odd, or interesting. I then start writing about the questions that form when I look at the picture. This is how I view the world, with endless curiosity.

When I pulled up my garlic bulbs, I had no intention of writing about them. They are puny to say the least, and it may take many years to learn the skills needed to grow a better bulb. I generally like to write about what I grow well.  What I did learn due to my curiosity, was particularly valuable to me, so I had to share:

Garlic Bulbils

Garlic Bulbils

If you allow a garlic plant to grow through it’s entire life cycle, it will form a “flower” at the top of it’s stalk, and inside this flower, it will set many small pods, named “bulbils”. I didn’t know what they were called at the time, but judging by there shape, I assumed they were small cloves, or seeds. After a Google search, and with the help of Wikipedia, I found their name. Then after finding a very informative site, I discovered they are small seeds, which will spring forth new bulbs in a few years time.

So it seems you can grow garlic with cloves, or you can start new plants from bulbils as well. What a great fact to know, as I love garlic.

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