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Market Re-Mix

Second Market Offering

Second Market Offering

Here it is market day again, and I’ve delivered my produce to the person who will be selling it. I’ve made it a point this time to be very clear about the entire process, drop off time, profit shares, pickup times, etc… I’ve learned that just because something is agreed upon once, does not mean it will work out. Sometimes plans need to be confirmed a few times, just so everyone is on the same page.

This offering is a bit less then last time, as my family and I have been pickling and eating quite a bit. The onions which were available for the last market are largely diced, bagged and frozen for the winter. The peppers are still growing, and are not yet large enough for sale. They might be a every other week item.

Soon there will be Sweet Corn

Soon there will be Sweet Corn

In the next few weeks, Corn will be ready for the market. My sister Maurice has gained permission from a land owner along 208 to have a garden stand, so I’m planning to build one, and begin stocking it daily. There will be plenty for the market, and a stand very soon.

Ripe Tomato

Ripe Tomato

Another garden crop is starting to ripen. In the last few weeks, I’ve found a few ripe tomatoes here and there, but within the last few days, we’re beginning to find larger clusters which are ripe. Last night, I found a cluster of five, which was the perfect timing for a salad I brought in for my co-workers.

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