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Okra In Bloom

Okra In Bloom

Okra In Bloom

While picking myself a salad last night, I observed my first Okra Bloom. The flowers are quite festive. As I’ve mentioned before, Okra is new to me, and I get pretty excited each and every time it grows. The watermelon vines are beginning to threaten these odd plants thought, after nearly burying the Endive to the right. I’m trying to train the vines to grow back from were they came. It’s a daily battle with one of my favorite salad greens at stake, and soon, my Okra could be in danger as well. I may just start snipping the vines off !

Sun Flowers

Sun Flowers

The sun flowers in the late garden are just now beginning to grow taller then my shoulders. I can’t wait to upload the picture of these plants, each with multiple flowers. Unlike traditional sunflowers, this type forms many smaller heads of seeds, rather then the style of other sunflowers.  In the background is a tiny little car, playfully nicknamed “Grandma’s Go-Cart”. It gets amazing gas mileage, and is surely better for the enviroment than most cars.

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