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Yellow Stuffer Tomato

Almost Ripe

Almost Ripe

Yellow Stuffers are a new variety of Tomatoes that I’ve added to my garden this year. I’m trying to build a collection of Heritage tomatoes, and I hope to grow many varieties each year to preserve them for future generations. There are many people who are involved in this project, each acting independantly, and some acting in huge groups. I figure I may just get a bunch of types which grow well in my area, as I will be selecting seeds based on how well they grow.

In the photo you can see the tomato a few days before I picked it, as it still needed to ripen a bit.

Hollow Cavities

Hollow Cavities

Once cut open, you can see how it resembles a pepper. The seeds even cling to the center as a pepper’s would. I was amazed that there were large pockets of air. It makes me wonder how the plant gets the air inside with a sealed exterior ? The taste was a bit different then a normal red tomato, but agreeable to my taste buds. I’ll be sure to add these seeds to my collection for next years garden.

If I find any recipes which showcase this oddity, I’ll be sure to post them in the future.

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