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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

The Field that Holds the Garden - Left View

The Field that Holds the Garden - Left View

In the photo above, my garden looks tiny in comparison to the field which surrounds it. Lately, I’ve been thinking about expanding the garden to twice it’s current size. I know, It sounds good on paper, by the realistic part of me screams “Why, you have too much already !”.

Here’s the part where the cart is fastened snuggly to the wrong end of the horse: I have yet to sell any produce at all at the local market. I’m running a unprofitable venture thus far, and I’m thinking about expansion ? My head says it’s a bad idea, but my heart knows it’s right.  This Friday will be my first taste of market plans, and all involved seem quite eager. So I may wait and see before tossing more fertilizer around. I don’t mind hard work, I just hate working on the wrong things, when there are plenty of other things to do.  

Right View of the Field

Right View of the Field

Above is the right view of the field. The total lenght of this field is 1600 feet. I refuse to measure it again, as My Father, George and myself have measured it at least three times. I made it a point to remember it the third time.

The soil is good, and the slope is wonderous. The field leans into the morning sun, and the slope provides excellent drainage. I can already see in my mind the entire field covered in veggies, with neat rows running hundreds of feet in length. This vision would require more work then I alone can muster, so I know it must be profitable in order for it to become a reality. A garden that size would require a massive customer base, and many hard working hands. I’m sure I could manage the production, but sales would be something else. For now, I’ll leave this vision in the cloudy world of my dreams.

Let’s see if I can make a buck before I spend many more chasing something that might make a better postcard then production.

Out Of Control Vines

Out Of Control Vines

I do know the garden must be expanded at least a bit. Above the vines can be seen growing over the pathways we left between them. There is simply not enought room in the garden for the current number of plants. They have been placed too close together, and need more room. The tomato patch is barely passable, and may require pruning before the harvest which should really take off within the next two weeks.

So Expansion it is…. Now what to do if I run out of manure…..

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