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Here’s my nieces and nephews ridding horse “Jello”. I’m not sure why they named her that, as she doesn’t resemble jello in any way, nor wiggle around much. She’s a good horse, late in her years, and we all decided to take a break from working to enjoy some horse play.

My Niece and her Friend

My Niece and her Friend

Here’s my niece and her friend. She’s the one who warned me of the Chupacabra bothering my kitten, and she is quite good with the reins. Jello seems a bit confused by the camera, but as an older horse, she takes things in strides, and just keeps moving. There are two other horses in the pasture, which are much younger, and it really shows. I guess there’s something to be said for a bit of salt in ones hair.

The Little Gardener

The Little Gardener

There’s the little gardener, having a blast, and it shows on his face. I would never suggest putting him on any other horse, but Jello seems to focus much more with him, almost as if a mothers instict told her to take good care of him. It was a bit of a challange to get this little guy off the horse, but eventually he did come down, and Jello went back to her pasture. She almost seemed to miss being free, even if it meant caring a little extra weight.

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