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Evening Shots

Apple Tree, Planted Last Year

Apple Tree, Planted Last Year

On Friday, we had a gorgous sunset, and I had to share some of the photos I snapped. Above is a Apple tree that I planted last year. It’s still very young, and won’t likely bear fruit for many years. To capture the green in the leaves, I had to set my camera to “Forced Flash” mode. The camera would normally judge the amount of light, and decide not to use the flash, but this leaves only a shadow of the tree in the picture.

Cloning Grapes

Cloning Grapes

Here is a shot of some of the Cloning Grapes. I believe these are “Giant Green” Seedless. They are still very short, having just grown past the first wire that will support them. The colorful strands of wire were part of a larger cable, which had a bundle of four thick copper cables. I’ve made it a point to cut through the plastic jacket and expose some of the copper. Copper deters many things such as Late-Blight, and I’m hoping it will help the vines as tiny amounts of the mineral leach into the soil.



Here’s a “Sea-Buckthorn” plant. I have been quite worried about these transplants, as the heat has really been brutal to them. The soil they are planted in is normally pretty dry, and in this heat it is like a desert. I’ve been watering them daily, and also added some grass clippings and garden soil around the base to hold in the moisture.

Kentucky Pole Beans

Kentucky Pole Beans

Last but not least is the pole bean trellis. Some of the Beans have grown all the way up the trellis, and they are just getting started. These plants grow so fast that the weeds aroung them look spindly, and unhealthy. It’s nice to see the weeds struggle a bit for a change. Behind the beans are the Yukon Gold Potatoes, and the luminous sky in the background wasn’t quite as red in real life. I believe the flash fooled the camera into changing the color a bit. It’s all good though, as it makes a wonderful photo.

  1. DMAC
    July 12, 2010 at 10:58 am

    Awesome Shots… love the blog dude!!!!

  2. July 14, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Wow…those photos are awesome! I love the view of the sunset.

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