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A Colorfull Rooster

A Colorful Rooster

Here is one of Sandy’s younger generations of chickens, hatched in of all places: My Kitchen. She provided the eggs, incubator and general knowledge of the process. I tried to pick out the eggs that had a unique color, as there wasn’t room for all of the eggs. Next year we plan to do the same thing, this time really getting picky with colorful eggs. It seems the oddball eggs will hatch out the most colorful chickens.

How the chickens looked in the Spring

How the chickens looked in the Spring

This spring, that same chicken shown in the first picture was the size of a golf ball with a beak and legs. The little chic in the picture could even be the same chicken. I remember how I was disappointed about how unfriendly these little chickens were, but now that they are full grown, I can appreciate why. These are not pets, they are free range eating machines, programmed to survive with wild instincts.

Colors Galore

Colors Galore

There are quite a few unique birds. I really like the white one above, with splashes of red feathers thrown in. These chickens are actually a cross between two different species of chickens. They have been crossed in an attempt to get a type of chicken suited for Northwest Pennsylvania’s extreme weather. Lows in these parts can dip into negative territory in the winter, and peak out above 90 F in the summer.

Monarch Plow

Monarch Plow

On the way home, Nate snapped this photo of an old plow. It has been painted with the pattern of a Monarch Butterfly, and It’s main purpose is ornamental. Although not a chicken, I still thought it fit this post about colors quite well. It’s nice to have neighbors that appreciate beauty as I do.

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