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“Micro Twister”

Micro Twister

Micro Twister

It’s official, I think I’ve seen everything now…

The day started like any other, hot, and dry. I was in the greenhouse cutting some hose for a different project when I heard a huge gust of wind, and felt the structure move a bit. I have been in there during lightning storms, so I really didn’t give it much thought. I was actually happy to hear the wind, as that is usually a sign of rain. I went into the house only to notice papers scattered everywhere, and a lamp knocked over. I then began to feel the wind again, and it was a bit disorienting. I rushed out to the porch, wondering if I would need to find cover. When I stepped out, I noticed one of the largest trees in my yard get literally beaten and thrashed by wind like nothing I had seen before. It was almost as if nature was out to break this tree apart. I also noticed the still air everywhere else. I ran to get my camera, and got it just in time to capture this twisting air carring dust up off the drive way.

When it dissipated, I got curious, and began looking for other signs of it’s passing.

Micro Twister Damage

Micro Twister Damage

When I got to the tomato patch, I noticed about ten plants knocked over, and beaten up a bit. The plants should grow back and be fine, I’m just amazed some times thought; of all the possible reasons to have trouble growing in the garden, I just never thought a twister would damage these plants. I’ve worried about bugs, blights, rusts, watering and minerals and here wind is what’s setting these plants back.

Once again, Hazel was knocked over…

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