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Turning Problems Into Solutions

Rocks From The Garden

Rocks From The Garden

My garden used to be a field, and when I moved in, I mowed it, and treated it like a back yard. I don’t think it was ever used to grow crops, but it may have been horse or cow pasture. The problem with turning a field into a garden is simple: Rocks, and lots of em. There are so many rocks that Davie took a few days to build me a rock rake to pull behind my small Case tractor. This helped collect them into neat piles, but what on earth do you do with piles of rocks ? You build walkways of course.

Making a Walkway

Making a Walkway

I’ve laid down a base of larger rocks, and then covered them with small gravel. Then, I simply sprayed it all with a hose to cause the smaller rocks to settle in the cracks of the larger ones. This keeps the rocks from moving around when your walking.

Garlic Bed

Garlic Bed

I am also using the rocks as a weed suppressant, since the area between the back of my house and the greenhouse is totally out of control. I figure I’ll leave a few small areas for flowers to grow up through the rocks, such as the garlic bed above.

I now have a new problem: I’m almost out of rock piles in the garden, so I guess I’ll have to dig a little deeper to find more, as the landscaping is only about a third of the way to completion.

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