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Happy 4th of July !

The Garden as of this Morning

The Garden as of this Morning

Here’s a picture of the majority of the garden. I’ve left out the lettuce patch as the rabbits and the weeds have decimated it. It’s not all bad though, that was the part of the garden I’ve put the least amount of work into, and also the cheapest to replace from the store.

San Marzano Three Leaf Seedling

San Marzano Three Leaf Seedling

I wanted to leave a note about that three starter leaf seedling I noticed in the greenhouse weeks ago. At the time, I was unsure if it was a stray flower seed, which would explain the third leaf. It turns out this is a tomato, and it has set small fruits before all of the other San Marzano plants. It could be explained by better soil conditions, so I will have to keep experimenting with the seeds this plant sets.

Watering the Cucurbits

Watering the Cucurbits

I also wanted to note for future reference that I’ve been watering the cucurbits (Watermelon, Cucumbers, Muskmelon, Cantaloupe) daily just as the sun  folds behind the trees. This keeps the sun from burning the leaves, but also allows me to finish up earlier.

Finally, farmers always say “Corn should be knee-high by the fourth of July”, and this year, it is.

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