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Plants That are New To My Garden

Detroit Red Beets

Detroit Red Beets

In the past when I planted beets, they never did too well. It may be because I never weeded past gardens nearly as well as this one.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is something I’ve only heard about in the past. I haven’t tried to eat it yet. A quick google search has informed me that the leaves of  this plant are the portion that should be eaten. I had no idea. The small plant in the bottom right is pig weed, a nastily invasive garden weed. Of all the weeds I’ve ripped out, I would image 9 out of 10 were pig weed.



Kohlrabi I have tried in the past, and although I didn’t really enjoy it as I do tomatoes or strawberries, it wasn’t offensive to my taste buds. I imagine if I find the right way to cook it, it should taste fairly good. It is an odd plant to see fully grown, with a large ball at the base, and leaves poking out like a vegetable from another planet.

Okra, Clemson Spineless

Okra, Clemson Spineless

Okra is a wild card of newness to me. I’m not sure if it will even grow to fruition, as it’s a generally a southern crop.

All in all, I’m on pursuit of new crops with new tastes. In the past, I’ve grown Chinese Red Lightning Tomatoes, Mexican Husk Tomatillos, and even odd cucumber from Asia similar to Dosakai. If you have a suggestion for other new crops which may grow in the area, please let me know.

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