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This Year’s Firsts

First Pepper, a Chablis

First Pepper, a Chablis

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and yesterday, I had another item added to the long list. I have enough trouble sleeping on a good day. When I found my insomniac self unable to sleep yet again last night, I decided to find solace in my garden. I haven’t had a good look at the garden in a few days. I was quite amazed at some of the things I found, especially considering the dull moon light I was navigating through. I found it quite funny that the neighboring dogs barked for a few minutes as I looked around, but soon recoginized me, and became quite again. I guess that’s telling of how many times I’m out here at night. 

I found the first pepper of the year, one of the Chablis variety, which should grow in many different colors. I was suprised that this pepper is first, since I had planted regular California Wonder peppers days before this variety, and those plants are several inches taller in size.

Cucumber, either a Boston Pickling or Straight 8

Cucumber, either a Boston Pickling or Straight 8

This morning I awoke early, still unable to sleep, so I set out to take some pictures. I noticed many of my vining plants are beginning to set tiny fruits, so I decided to post those pictures as well. Above is a Cucumber. It is either a Straight 8 or a Boston Pickling variety. I did not mark them, as they are the only types I’ve planted, and the size of the fruit will be a dead give-away to the genes involved in its production. I’ve had to dust the cucumbrits again recently, as I had noticed a build up of cucumber beetles. The dust will generally keep the  bugs away for a week or two. I used nearly a whole bag of Sevin-10 this time, as the plants are much bigger, and the surface area of the leaves has expanded near exponentially.

Black Beauty Squash, i.e. Zuchinni

Black Beauty Squash, i.e. Zuchinni

Even the Zuchinni is getting into the action, with micro sized squash jutting out from the base. You can also see some of the powder I applied previously. The cucumber beetles have avoided these leaves in favor of cucumbers, which must taste better.

Yukon Gold Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes

The three rows of green starting on the left next to the Pole Bean Trellis are Yukon Gold Potatoes, my favorite variety, and the only type I have been growing for the last few years. I know I should invest in diversity, but I am not dependant on this food source for my diet, so I only grow what I like to eat. The plants are doing rather well, and I will soon be hilling the soil around the base of the plants, which will encourage more production from them.  Next to the potatoes are some Ying-Yang beans, Turnips and Radishes.  I haven’t yet harvested potatoes, so they don’t quite fit with this post, but I’m sure proud of there growth.

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