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George’s Free Range Chickens

George's Free Range Chickens

George's Free Range Chickens

On the other end of the farm, George has more animals then I. He has many pigs, and a small herd of Free Range Chickens. They are an odd lot, and if I’m in a comical mood, I can cluck like a chicken and get them to follow me around for a bit.  They are not very friendly, and they keep there space. They roam all over about 20 acres of the farm. Often they can be seen just feet away from the horses in their pasture. I imagine they have a symbiotic  relationship where they eat the bugs which are attracted to the horses. 

My neices and nephews seem to enjoy the chickens, as they can go on an egg hunt any day of the week, and be almost assured a heavy treasure. Davie and I were re-arranging some things in the barn, and found a trove of 30 + eggs ! In the summer these eggs should not be eaten as they may be spoiled, but it sure saves on cat food. In the winter, they should be fine, if not frozen.

A Small Find

A Small Find

I took a few minutes tonight to do my own searching, and sure enough, I quickly found a small stash. This is a door which was used in older times to trow hay down into a trough for the animals below.

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