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Greenhouse Tomatoes

Seed Test Tomatoes

Seed Test Tomatoes

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you may recognize these tomato plants that I started in January. You may be asking why on earth I’ve started them so early, so here is why: I wanted to be sure the seed I had saved was going to germinate, so I started 8 plants. Once they started growing, I couldn’t help but encourage them along, keeping them watered and full of nutrients in my kitchen.

I had plans to buy extra seed if they did not grow, but luckily, they did. This years garden has well over $100 invested in seeds alone ! Nevermind all of the cups, containers, and Miracle Grow. If I had to pay an employee for all the endless nights I enjoyed planting away in the greenhouse, I’d be a popper for sure. This is my hobby however, and I’ve wasted money on much worse things. A year or so I quit smoking, so I figure I should use all that money for recreation, and enjoyment.

Red Brandywine Tomato

Red Brandywine Tomato

Here is an old world favorite, Red Brandywine. I’ve started many different types of these heritage tomatoes, simply to preserve their diversity for future generations. You see, there are thosands of flavors of tomatoes. Diversity is the key to success in many things; for example, the Irish Potato Famine occurred because they only grew one or two types of potatoes, whereas the Natives of South America grew thosands of different types each year. The Indians were always ensured a successful crop due to this diversity. If a pest or fungus destroyed half of the varieties, they would still have food.

You may also notice the mess I’ve made on my water tables. When the fertilizer leaches through the dirt, and soaks into the water, it creates a wonderfull mess. I try to keep it clean, but I’m not a big fan of sweeting away in 100 Degree Farenheit that is the normal tempurate in daylight. I could clean it at night, but I’m usually about ready to relax by then. I figure if it gets really out of control, at least I will have the winter months to clean up, and a good excuse to be warm in those cold depressing days.

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