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Tomatoes in the Fog

Sheboygan Tomatoes

Sheboygan Tomatoes

While doing my daily inspection of the Garden, a time when I look closely for pests, I noticed one of my Sheboygan Tomatoes is Already setting small gems. These are canning tomatoes, but I’m a bit perplexed; It’s only June 10 !  I decided to give the rest of the plants another glance, and I noticed some other varieties are setting fruit already: a few Red Alert and Garden Peachs were springing up here and there.

I’ve also noticed my peppers forming flowers, which is a great sign. If memory serves me correctly, the flowers will turn into fruit within a month.

Tomatoes in the Fog

Tomatoes in the Fog

I spent about half an hour walking around before taking this photo of the tomatoes. You can see just how much has changed in that amount of time. In the first photo above, there is no real sign of the fog decending, and here visibility is dropping like a dead fly in the greenhouse. You might also notice that work that awaits me this weekend. See all those little green weeds emerging due to all the rain we’ve been having ? Those little plants are of the vining sort, and each time you break the roots up, it seems two new plants will grow in there place.  They grow little purple flowers, and for weeds that sounds pretty good. The problem lies in the speed at which they grow. If I there are not constantly ripped out, they will cover the ground in no time, and steal vital nutrients from the dirt.

The Gardens seems to be going Medieval

The Gardens seems to be going Medieval

Before I went in for the night, I snapped this very old world looking picture. It almost looks like a scene out of some Post-Apocalyptic movie, or even a movie about Medieval times. In the foreground is the Pole Bean trellis, and in the far background the poles showing are to support the many different grape vines I’ve planted. So far there are 10 different types of grapes on that side of the house. I’m trying to build up a catalog of sorts. A few years from now, I plan to clone many different types of grapes, so I need to build up my stocks now.

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