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Hazel had a Bad Day…

Winds knocked over Hazel

Winds knocked over Hazel

My day started at about 7:00 AM when I heard the siren roaring in Knox. It wasn’t the normal Fire Alarm, but more of a steady siren, warning that a Tornado could pop up at any moment. My immediate concern was for myself, but once I got a good look around, and caught up with the morning news, I wasn’t so worried about myself. I can get in my car and hopefully outrun a storm, but my tomatoes are stationary. If that storm were to land over the garden, It would be wiped out.

Luckily the tomatoes were fine, but Hazel wasn’t so lucky……

Putting the Scare back into Hazel

Putting the Scare back into Hazel

The day got a lot better once the storm passed. I was able to salvage Hazel, and she’s got a huge bag of Scary once again. Here’s hoping she continues to scare the crows.

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