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Doing Battle with Bugs: Cucumber Beetles

Cucumber Beetles

Cucumber Beetles

Last year I learned all about Cucumber Beetles, and the vast damage they can do. I generally like bugs in my garden, but not bugs that contribute negatively to the garden. These Free Loaders (I hate freeloaders), will destroy a cucumber plant in no time. The only threat I worry about more then these beetles is the Late Blight, which is like trowing gas on your plants and lighting a match.

If you see these destructive bugs, go buy some SEVIN-10 powder, which always works for me. Read the directions carefully, and keep the powder out of your eyes.



While I was in the greenhouse, I noticed a very odd bee. It was dead, and when I got a close look, I was pretty amazed at what I saw; This bee kinda looked like a whale with wings, so I’m going to name it a whale bee. That is if there is no other name for it.

Whale Bee

Whale Bee

If you know what this bug’s real name is, please drop a comment about it.

Edit: 6/15/2010. One of my readers has sent me an email with the identity of this “Whale Bee”…. It’s acutally a “Bumble Bee Moth”. It’s funny how my mind will race off in wild fantasy some times, I thought it was a rapidly evolving bee that was attempting to out evolve Global Climate Change. Silly me.

I’ve also found out the Orange bellied birds that hop around in the tomato patch are Baltimore Orioles.  Thanks Readers, your comments keep my posting = )

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