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A Few Pictures

A Yellow Stuffer Tomato

A Yellow Stuffer Tomato

It’s been a slow rainy weekend, so I thought I would post some pictures I’ve taken in the greenhouse. Above is one of my Yellow Stuffer tomatoes. The stem on this gem is nearly the thickness of a pencil ! And it’s not just the type of tomato, this greenhouse is making everything grow like I’m an expert, I love it.



Here are some Tomatillos, otherwise known as “Mexican Husk Tomatoes”. Last year when I grew these in my house, they got very long stems and had small leaves.

Red Brandywine Tomatoes

Red Brandywine Tomatoes

Red Brandywine Tomatoes above, with Potato leaves. These guys always confuse the non-gardening types. They seem to look at them as if they are blue colored radishes.

I find it really odd how a plant like a tomato can have so many varied types of leaves. Each variety has a different pattern, with different growth styles.

Cucumbers - Straight 8

Cucumbers - Straight 8

I planted Cucumbers a week or so ago, and they are just now growing out their baby leaves. So, all in all everything is planted, and it’s all growing above my expectations. In about three weeks, it will be time to plant all of these green growing crystals. I’ve scheduled a week of Vacation time to plant them, so I have from May 29th to June 6th to get them in the ground.

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