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My Confidence Grows in the Greenhouse Heating System

Tomatoes and Peppers

Tomatoes and Peppers

Here is a table full of Tomato and Pepper plants.  After the last few nights with cold weather, and even a bit of snow, I’ve gained enought confidence in the heating system to start moving my seedlings in. The tomatoes that were the first inhabitants look fabulous. They are getting the cooler weather at night to keep them strong, and lot’s of sun. There will be no need to harden these plants off either, once it’s time to plant, they can come straight out of the greenhouse, and promptly planted in the garden.

I’ve come across a rather nasty hitch in my plan. I was planning on placing the cups directly into the water tables, and filling them with water. The problem is keeping track of different varieties, and also having so many little cups unsupported could be a huge mess. I refuse to make individual tags for each cup, so I’m keeping the seedlings in their clear and silver trays for now.

Space Heater

Space Heater

 I also have a “secret weapon” for the war against cold. The propane space heater shown in the photo above is easily capable of lifting the tempurature by 10 F in little over a half hour. I will only use this heater when a severe frost is bearing down.

Hungarian Yellow Wax and Jalapeno Early - Hot Peppers

Hungarian Yellow Wax and Jalapeno Early - Hot Peppers

Now that I have some more space, I’ve planted some Hot Peppers for my Nephew. I had planned on starting some, but somewhere in the midst of the transition from winter to spring, those plans got lost. Nate reminded me over the weekend, and since then, I’ve planted about 60 of these. The plan is that Nate will take about half to his house, and I’ll plant the rest in a tiny garden plot far away from the rest of the Peppers. I’ve heard that if they are too close, the peppers will cross-polinate each other, and I’ll wind up will all hot peppers.

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