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Weekend Roundup 4/4/10

Garden Tractor with Hairs

Garden Tractor with Hairs

Here is the newest garden tool, on loan to me from Davie and Sandy. It’s a nice little garden tractor that will save me a lot of work. In the photo above, a set of “hairs” is chained to the back of the tractor. Hairs are used to level the soil after it is plowed up.

One Bottom Plow

One Bottom Plow

Here is a “One Bottom” plow. It is called one bottom due to having only one plow attached. I definately think a two bottom plow would be quicker !

Garden after Plowing

Garden after Plowing

The garden took a few hours of plowing, and it could still use some work. I have a guy lined up to rototill the soil, but I wanted to see if I could do it myself with the new tractor. This would definately work, and the plow does a better job in my opinion. See, a rototiller only smashes up the soil, rearranging it chaotically, where as the plow will turn the soil completely over. This allows the sun to reach the roots of any weeds, and burn and dry them out. So, plow = less weeds…  I will still have the rototiller come through, as it will mix up all the manure better.

George's First Piglets !

George's First Piglets !

I also had the opportunity to get some pictures of George’s first Piglets. They are in an Amish neighbors barn. I would guess they are about a foot tall or less.

Hungry Chic

Hungry Chic

And finally, here’s a pic of a Hungry Chic. I can’t believe how fast they eat, and how much water they drink. I am happy to report, they don’t keep me up all night as I feared they would. I’ve noticed they all lay down around 11:00 PM. I think they stay up late due to the heat lamp.

I now have 15 chicks, and about 60 more eggs in the incubator; Which just got me thinking, where am I going to put the new borns in 21 days ?

Now it’s time to shift gears and get some Tomatoes planted… If your planting in PA, around June 1, then this week throught two weeks from now would be a good time to put some seeds in miracle grow. Remember to keep the seeds indoors in case of frost.

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  1. John Deere
    August 23, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    I really like the pictures, thanks

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