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Goldy, The Greenhouse Tomato

Goldy, The Greenhouse Tomato

Goldy, The Greenhouse Tomato

Every winter since I started gardening, I get the urge to plant things way too early. I’ve managed to restrain myself to starting 8 tomatoes this year. I’ve comically named the plant above “Goldy” since it is a Golden Girl Yellow tomato. I have a Roma tomato in my living room, and the rest in my kitchen. Doing this each year tends to lift my spirits in the midst of winter.

So my plan is to water Goldy, and place her out in the greenhouse each day. The tempurature in there hovers well above 80 degrees daily, and I’m using this plant as a measuring tool of sorts. If it can grow, and be healthy, then I don’t need to worry about the tempurature when there are hundreds of plants in the greenhouse. I’m also hoping that “she” sets some tomatoes before July.

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