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Signs of Spring

Grape Clones, Just Beginning to Sprout

Grape Clones, Just Beginning to Sprout

I have been patiently waiting for my Grape Clones to begin growing, and I was just beginning to wonder if I missed a step in the process. It has been nearly a month since I clipped these vines from the arbor by the Ice House, and finally there is some growth. When I see my work just start to grow, it vindicates all of the effort I’ve put in. Everything from purchasing the soil, to cutting the second cup to fit on top to freezing my tail off in the ultra-cold February wind to cut the canes; it all begins to pay off when the first little spec of new growth pushes it’s way out. I love the payoff I get from growing these plants.



Punxs. Phil might have been right, but I like to base my predictions of springs arrival on Daffodils. Sure, there may be snow again, but to me, when I see them popping up through the soil, It tells me one thing “Spring will be here Soon”. There are usually a week or two ahead of the official “spring” start date.

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