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Waiting for My Sea of Green

Orion Over the Greenhouse

Orion Over the Greenhouse

Above, I caught a picture of the Constellation Orion over the greenhouse. In the winter months, there isn’t much work to be done in the garden, other then applying fertilizer. This time of year, I enjoy taking pictures of the celestial objects, part of my long fascination with space. This other hobby is the reason I have selected the camera I use. I decided when I purchased it to get the greatest optical zoom I could, so that I could take pictures of planets, and maybe even a few moons.  I settled on a camera with 18X optical zoom, which is about as strong as the telescope Galileo used when he discovered four of Jupiter’s Moons: Io, Callisto, Ganymede, and Europa.



I’ve managed to train my camera on them, but so far I’ve only gotten blury pictures Jupiter, with four dots around it.  Above is a sample. I do not think the dots far away from Jupiter are moons, but Jupiter has more then 60 of them, so they could be. If memory serves me, they were stars in the background that found there way into this photo.

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